Key Differentiating Features

Senior care social nurturing program

For many of our residents, they spent a sizable part of their lives pursuing/building their careers or were engrained in managing the household. Life post-retirement can lead to a decreased sense of purpose and as their health condition changes, this can further the feelings of worthlessness and depression that are common with social isolation.

Being in the company of others and engaging with them in a variety of ways provides a sense of belonging, a natural human need. With our preplanned activities and training of staff on purposeful engagement, we try to develop new bonds and relationships within the context of our community to enable your loved one to feel a renewed drive and improved quality of life.

Comprehensive senior care plan

At this stage of life, the slightest changes in our health condition can wreak havoc or exacerbate symptoms that would normally be manageable in adults. We strive for a proactive approach and try to monitor areas that cause common health issues for our elderly adults, such as dehydration and constipation that could trigger behavior changes or pains that could be difficult for the elderly to describe or point out.

Our staff provide daily reports so that we are able to identify trends that could mean an illness is underway so that we may communicate the observations to the health care provider in a timely manner. Some issues are asymptomatic but this method gives us a way to keep an eye and work on things that we can before they get worse.

24-hour awake staff​

Our typical resident comes from the larger facilities or from home, and require more attention, even through the night. Issues such as getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom or getting up out of confusion can lead to falls. During the night we have awake staff to enable us to provide regular dry checks to prevent skin break down, and/or assist in a variety of incidental needs requested by the resident.

Each resident can be provided a wireless call button so they may connect with staff for assistance. Each bed also has a wireless bed mat alarm that triggers our central system to alert staff that a resident is likely getting up so we may get to them as soon as possible.

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